Alerts On AWS Accounts

Want to be notified on ANYTHING that is going on in a specific AWS Account? Now you can!

Jump to our Alerts Creation screen and quickly create an alert based on your AWS accounts

Updated Architecture Network Graph

Today we deployed a first version of the new graph in architecture view.


  1. Ability to hover a node and highlight connected edges.
  2. Support for (very) large graphs.
  3. Search within names and resource type.
  4. Metrics tooltip showing status (Good, Bad, No-Events), Events per second/minute, average latency and error rate. We mark a node as error if error rate is greater than 0.05% threshold.
  5. Highlight error edges and nodes in red.
  6. Node image will be larger based on number of invocations.
  7. Edge will be thicker based on number of invocations.
  8. Zoom-in/out the graph. Edges/Nodes labels will show when zooming in.


More features are soon to come, including single node mode when clicking on a node, new graph integration in transaction graph view and more.

We'll love your feedback!

Thanks, Epsagon team.

Trace Koa Applications

Epsagon is now officially supporting Koa.js applications running on any environment. If you run an app on EC2, ECS, Fargate or any other env - you can add the Epsagon Node library, and get detailed distributed traces for every request that happens: koa.png

Threshold Alerts

You now set an alert that will only notify you if a given threshold is crossed, in a given timeframe!

Both sum / average of values can be measured, for every available function metric in Epsagon: Duration, out of memories, timeouts, cost, memory, duration and more!

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 15.29.09.pngScreen Shot 2019-08-26 at 15.31.28.png

Filter Traces By Duration

Filter you traces by their duration, to easily find longer / shorter than usual anomalies

[LOCALHOST] Epsagon _ Search.png

Assign Users to Issues

Your issues can now be assigned to users: [LOCALHOST] Epsagon _ Issues.png

Monitor ECS/FARGATE clusters

You now can monitor and track your ECS and FARGATE clusters! Easily detect the health of services and tasks, and see performance metrics such as CPU, memory, disk and network. To enable this on your account - make sure to re-deploy the CloudFormation stack, or update the IAM role. Contact us for any issue! containers-preview.png

Resolve issues

You can now mark an issue as resolved, and it will not show on the issues screen until the next time it will occur:


New Functions Screen

New and improved functions screen:

  1. Search dropdown with tags filter.
  2. Data and state are kept across navigation (Loading only once)
  3. State saved with query params (sharable url)

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.22.33.jpg

Performance Data on the Architecture Map

Our architecture map is now showing the performance of APIs and resources, as well as highlighting problematic nodes. Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 8.43.53.png Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 15.31.53.png